shirley yin

2019 Books

December 29, 2019


reflections and goals for next year

I read a bunch of novels that didn’t really leave an impression on me. That’s obviously a high bar since books are a personal thing, and I don’t “fault” any of these books for it.

I’ve also been trying to read more non-fiction books, which I’m satisfied with this year.

Next year, I’d like to read more tech/programming books. I’m partway through several at the moment but I seem to have trouble finding the discipline to actually finish these books.

the full list

(reverse chronological order; favourites are bolded)

* based on a loose (incorrect) definition of poc, wherein I’m basically trying to account for non-white perspectives. For example, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has written about the experience of being a Nigerian person living in Nigeria (where such a person would not be a person of colour) vs living in the United States, but I would have included her in my loose definition of poc. Also, you wouldn’t necessarily “know” whether someone was a poc unless they are known for writing or talking about race, and trying to assign them to “poc status” on their behalf would be both presumptuous and defeating the point.